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The Fotolighthouse Academy


The Fotolighthouse Team is glad to announce the launching of its Training Arm - THE FOTOLIGHTHOUSE ACADEMY (FLHA)!

FLHA offers training products aimed at equipping photo enthusiasts, amateurs and semi-Professional with the knowledge and skills required to drastically improve the quality of their images.

At FLHA we would equip you with relevant knowledge that would enable you create and capture technically sound and creative images which you would be proud to display, and prospects willing to pay for. We are not promising to make you a professional overnight, however our promise is this - If you practice what we teach, your photography would drastically improve.

Course Options:

We currently have 3 course as follows:

  • The Fundamentals of Photography Course
  • Capturing the Moments - Mastering Events Photography
  • Mastering Light - The Fundamentals of Studio Photography

Please click on the hyperlinks to get more information on these courses

Who Is The Course For?

Our courses are targeted at photo enthusiasts, hobbiest, amatuers and aspiring/semi professionals who are interested in taking their photography to the next level. For many people who handle the camera today, good photographs are captured by trial and error thereby leaving no guarantee that they can get similar results when placed in similar conditions in the future. Our courses are for those who are interested in knowing the fundamentals of photography; those seeking to master light (the language of photography); those seeking to understand their camera and other photographic equipment; those seeking knowledge of how to successfully combine their photo tools to produce the kind of images they have envisioned with their mind's eye.

So are you a parent interested in capturing the precious growing up moments of your kids? Or one looking to go professional and earn a living from selling technically correct and creative images? Or a make up artist, hair stylist, baker, decorator, or caterer who is tired of being held to ransom by the wedding/event photographer who is delaying in sending you professional images to use in building your portfolio? Or a regular traveller or tourist interested in capturing those breath-taking sceneries from the historic sites and beautiful cities you visit? Or a lover of nature interested in capturing its beauty as displayed in plants, animals, water, the rising and setting of the sun? What are you waiting for click on the link below to enroll.

Training Venue:

Training sessions would hold at Josh Bryan Boutique Hotel, located at Plot 317A, Akin Ogunlewe Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos. Each training session would last for two hours and shall consist of interactive, practical learning session where we would explain the theory behind the practice using real life equipment and scenarios to ensure that our students properly understand the concepts being taught.

What Do I Require to Get the Best From The Training:

We understand that a man easily forgets what he does not practice. As a result we would strongly recommend that our student have the following to ensure that they get optimal value from our training programme:

  • A Camera - preferably one with Manual Mode (M)
  • A PC/Mac Computer for backing up, organising and editing your images
  • A positive attitude
  • A willingness to learn and explore new ideas and concepts

These would do for a start and can be expanded upon as you deepen your knowledge and skills in photography.

If you do not presently own a camera or a personal computer and would like to buy one for the purpose of this course, we would be glad to offer you professional advice on picking gears that would serve your purpose.